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Landlords: Get an energy audit for your rental property and earn an extra $200 rebate on efficiency upgrades

October 28, 2019

Illustration of a house under a magnifying glass

Is your rental property wasting energy and water? Find out with a free efficiency audit from EWEB.

Inefficient rentals are uncomfortable and costly to heat. They also waste energy, putting extra demands on the grid and producing more greenhouse gas emissions. Improving the efficiency of your rental with some simple upgrades can help reduce waste, attract and retain quality tenants and increase the value of your property.

EWEB's Efficiency Education Program will help you uncover the biggest energy and water wasters in your rental, and decide which investments make the most sense. The process starts with a brief walk-through of the property by an EWEB efficiency specialist. Following the evaluation, the specialist will provide a list of recommended improvements. This free program is available to tenants and rental owners.

Rebates and loans can help with upfront costs

Rental property owners can take advantage of EWEB's zero-interest loans or rebate programs for efficiency upgrades. This includes ductless heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, windows and insulation. And if you apply for a rebate within 45 days of the audit, you can take advantage of an extra $200 incentive to upgrade your property. 

Expanded rebates to support affordable housing

If your tenants qualify for income-based programs, you may be eligible for expanded rebates. In some cases, you could experience zero out of pocket cost to make efficiency upgrades for qualifying limited-income rentals. 

UpgradeAdvantagesStandard Rental Rebate
+ Extra Incentive*
Income-qualified Rental Rebate
+ Extra Incentive*
Ductless Heat Pump Reduce electric costs up to 50 percent, easy to install, and come standard with A/C $800 + $200 = $,1000 $1,000 + $200 = $1,200
Heat Pump Water Heater Reduce water heating costs up to 50 percent, and work with existing plumbing and electrical systems $800 + $200 = $1,000 $1,000 + $200 = $1,200**
Insulation Stabilize home temperature year-round, reduce energy waste and prevent moisture $0.80 per sq ft up to 50 percent of job cost + $200 100 percent of eligible costs
Windows Reduce energy loss, improve soundproofing and enhance curb appeal $4 per square foot of high-performance windows + $200 $10 per square foot of high-performance windows + $200**

*Incentives cannot exceed the total project cost.

**Zero interest loan is available in addition to the rebate for costs above the rebate amount.

Click here or contact our energy efficiency experts to learn more about rebate and loan programs.

To schedule an audit at your rental property, call 541-685-7089 or click the link below—we will contact you to set an appointment.

Schedule a free energy and water audit