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Request Tree Trimming

Jan. 16, 2024: Due to the current weather emergency, we are not monitoring this email/voicemail account at this time.

EWEB tree crews are working with electric line crews on tree issues related to active power outages. If you have a downed tree or limb and are experiencing a power outage, please call our outage reporting line at 1-844-484-2300. If you have a tree issue but your power is still on, we ask that you please delay reporting until a later date. We will resume our response to non-urgent tree issues once conditions improve and customers are returned to power.


EWEB operates an extensive tree trimming program to enhance reliability and protect public safety by keeping trees and branches a safe distance from overhead electric lines. If you know of a location where trees are interfering with our power system, please let us know. Someone from our vegetation management team may contact you to request more information, if needed.

If the tree or branch is creating an immediate safety hazard, please call us at 541-685-7148 to report the situation.

How would you prefer to be contacted?

Where is the tree located?

Is there a dog on the property?

Is the tree behind a locked gate?

Type of Tree

Is the vegetation currently putting pressure on the line?

Is the tree or limb broken or uprooting?