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Power Outages

Reporting your power outage

When your lights go out, first check to see if others around you appear to have lost power as well. If you suspect your home or business is the only outage, check your circuit panel for tripped breakers before reporting your outage.

Report an outage by calling our toll-free outage reporting line at 1-844-484-2300. You must complete all prompts to record your outage. 

Please do not report your power outage over Facebook or Twitter. We do not regularly monitor our social media channels outside of business hours.

  • Downed Power Lines

    Treat all downed lines as though they are live and very dangerous.

    Downed Power Lines

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Know your electric panel
Find out more

Find out more

We regularly receive reports of power outages that are actually a tripped breaker on the customer's circuit panel. Checking your circuit panel before reporting an outage can save you hassle and money.

Generator safety
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Using a generator when the power goes out is a great option, but safety should be the top priority for both you and utility workers.