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Water Pipeline Projects

EWEB is working on several pipeline projects to enhance the reliability and seismic resiliency of drinking water service for Eugene residents. The work is part of a multi-year plan to upgrade aging infrastructure and build new water facilities designed to withstand a large earthquake or other natural disaster.

EWEB is committed to being a good neighbor during construction by completing projects as safely and efficiently as possible, but construction may cause traffic disruptions or other inconveniences. Whenever possible, work will be coordinated to reduce the impacts on close by neighbors, businesses, and travelers.

Important safety reminders
  • Avoid active work zones if possible.
  • When you need enter the work zone, please wait for the contractor or EWEB staff to escort you safely through. This may take a few minutes but will ensure you pass though the work area safely.
  • Make sure to check your surroundings, including overhead.
  • When heavy equipment is in use, make eye contact with the operator and wait for them to acknowledge you before entering the work zone.
  • Remember that construction equipment can move suddenly and quickly.
  • Don't linger. Get through quickly and watch your step.

Water Pipeline on Patterson Street, E. 40th Avenue, and Hilyard Street

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UPDATE July 12, 2024:

EWEB contractors completed the current phase of construction in mid-June 2024, which included:

  • Constructing a 36-inch water transmission pipeline from E. 40th Avenue, down Hilyard Street to 33rd Avenue
  • Replacing a 24-inch storm drain on Hilyard Street between E. 33rd Ave. and Patterson Street  

EWEB crews are currently performing the final disinfection and testing of the new pipes and switching around 50 customers to the new water system from the old system. We will notify you if your water service will be impacted for more than a brief time period. Most interruptions usually last less than one hour but occasionally longer outages are required to complete the work.

Hilyard Street Paving: Week of July 15
EWEB contractors will perform temporary repairs on the affected sections of the road the week of July 15th. "No Parking" signs will be in place along the paving route and road closures and detours will necessary during paving operations. These repairs will ensure the road remains safe and passable until the City of Eugene can undertake their permanent paving project which is scheduled to begin later this year. Visit the City's projects page for more information and updates about this City-led public works project.

East 40th Avenue Paving: July 15
EWEB contractors will install permanent paving on the short stretch of East 40th Avenue that was impacted by the pipeline construction project (between Patterson and Hilyard). This work is expected to start Monday, July 15 and take approximately two days. "No Parking" signs will be in place along the paving route.

Patterson Street Paving
Contractors tentatively plan to repave Patterson Street in August. We will provide more information after the contractors finalize the work schedule.

Future Work Planned
Later this year, or possibly in early 2025, EWEB work will pick up again as we tie the new Hilyard pipeline into another connection point near 34th and Hilyard. This will create some additional traffic impacts at the intersection near the Dari Mart. More to come on that as the timeline draws nearer.


More about the Hilyard Pipeline project:

In September 2023, EWEB began constructing a 36-inch water transmission pipeline and 24-inch storm drain replacement on Hilyard Street between E. 33rd Ave. and Patterson Street. The project connects the new E. 40th water storage tanks to the water transmission system near 33rd Ave. and upgrades nearly one mile of existing drinking water pipe. 

The transmission main is constructed out of welded steel, which is one of the most seismically robust materials available and can have a lifespan of over 100 years. The project also replaced and improved stormwater piping along Hilyard Street.

The new pipelines run from Patterson Street, along a short stretch of E. 40th Avenue, and down Hilyard Street to 33rd Avenue.