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Did you know that rental units comprise half of the available housing in Eugene? A 2017 study by the University of Oregon Business Consulting Group identified that more than 6,000 of those rentals likely need energy upgrades.

We have a number of programs and resources that can help both the rental property owner and the occupant. 

  • High Quality Tenants

    "Comfort is important and by improving my rentals I feel like I'm able to attract and retain high caliber tenants." Ken Donner, Eugene landlord

  • Increase Property Value

    "This investment cut the utility bill by about a third. It is easier to rent a place that's insulated and upgraded." Gary Irwin, broker & investor

  • Thankful Tenants

    "I knew I made the right decision about putting in the ductless heat pump when I received a Christmas card from my new tenant that said, "Thank you for the lovely and warm home." Robert Lewis, businessman & landord

Energy efficiency programs

Ducted heat pump program
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High-efficiency heat pumps are ideal for our mild Pacific Northwest climate. 

Ductless heat pump program
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An energy efficient ductless heat pump is cheaper to install and operate than any other heating system.

Insulation, Air Sealing and Windows Program
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We offer rebates to help you upgrade your home's existing shell with energy-efficient products.  Improve your insulation and you can conserve heating and save money over time. 

Heat pump water heater program
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We promote energy efficiency by offering you a streamlined and cost-effective way to replace your home's existing water heater with an energy-efficient heat pump water heater.