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Residential Ducted Heat Pump Program


Email our energy experts at or call 541-685-7088 for more information and to get started.
For all loan specific questions, email or call 541-685-7318.

Considering a ducted heat pump?

In terms of heating your home, a ducted heat pump can deliver triple the energy that it consumes. That's because a heat pump moves heat from the air instead of converting it from a fuel, the way a combustion heating system does. You can reverse this cycle in the summer to cool your home. High-efficiency heat pumps are ideal for our mild Pacific Northwest climate. Ducted heat pumps installed through EWEB's program follow industry best practices in order to provide enhanced comfort, reduced energy usage, and improved indoor air quality. Systems will include the following:

  • High-efficiency equipment that is the right size for your home
  • Proper refrigerant charge and air flow
  • Balanced air distribution throughout the home
  • Digital thermostat with energy-saving controls
  • Minimized duct leakage
  • Owner education

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Ductless heat pump program
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Everyday actions can add up
Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Saving money on your energy bill may be easier than you think. Check out tips that could deliver real savings. 

Water Conservation Tips
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Check out some tips

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