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    EWEB makes electric mobility available to anyhone though e-bike rebates, car sharing and grants for local organizations with electric mobility projects.

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  • EWEB Prepares for Winter Weather Year-Round

    For EWEB, preparing for harsh winter storms is a year-round responsibility. While we can’t control the weather, we can make our electric infrastructure more resilient to withstand storms that bring snow, ice and wind to Eugene.

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Know What Your Bill Will Be Each Month With Our Budget Billing Plan

May 18, 2017

Woman writing in calendar while doing her budget

Following the chilly winter that left some with higher-than-expected heating bills, we want to remind customers that there is a program to help make your monthly payments more predictable than the weather.

The 39-degree average temperature in the Eugene area for Dec. 21 through Feb. 21 was the coldest since 1984, according to the National Weather Service.  

The Budget Billing plan helps you balance the seasonal highs and lows by averaging the previous 12 months of actual usage on your account. The average is set as your monthly Budget Billing payment. We continue to read your meter each month, but instead of paying varying amounts for actual usage, we bill you the average payment amount.

You'll still know exactly how much water and electricity you've used. Your bill will show the actual consumption for each service, the actual account balance and the Budget Billing payment amount.

To participate, your account must have a zero balance and a minimum of 12 months billing history at the address associated with your account. There is no cost to participate. The open enrollment period for the program begins after you receive your April bill and continues through the end of June.

Call EWEB Customer Service at 541-685-7000 for more information, or to enroll in the Budget Billing plan during the open enrollment period.