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  • Lead Green annual summary

    In Eugene, we take pride in knowing we have one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation. Roughly 90% of Eugene's power comes from carbon-free hydroelectric energy. And EWEB has a long history offering robust conversation programs. But we wanted to do more, so we launched Lead Green, a suite of programs for climate innovators looking to support renewable energy and take action on climate change. In the year since Lead Green was launched, we've accomplished a lot we can be proud of.

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  • EWEB drinking water meets federal and state health standards again

    EWEB employs multiple methods of safeguarding drinking water, from the source to the tap.

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Severe Weather Hampers EWEB Meter Readers

March 05, 2019

Due to recent severe weather conditions our meter reading staff could not safely complete their assigned routes Feb. 24-28, 2019. When meter readers are not able to obtain an actual reading, EWEB uses historical usage patterns to estimate usage for billing purposes. Customers in the following areas may receive a bill with an estimated reading:

  • W. 11th Ave./S. Bertlesen Rd./Greenhill Rd.
  • Crest Dr./W. 28th Ave./Hawkins Ln./Chambers St.
  • E. 24th Ave./Amazon Pkwy./Agate St.
  • E. Springfield up the McKenzie Hwy. through Vida

Review a map of Eugene areas or a map of upriver where meter readers could not obtain an actual reading.

If you are in one of the above areas, your next EWEB bill will reflect this estimated reading. The word "estimated" should appear in the line with the current meter reading for electric and water service. The example provided below shows the electric portion of a bill. Customers with water service will have "estimated" on the water portion of their bill as well. 

Estimated readings can be higher or lower than actual usage; however, bills self-correct when the meter is read the following month, ensuring you only pay for the amount of energy and/or water that you used.

Barring any severe weather conditions, meter readers will provide actual readings next month and your following bill will reflect this "true-up" process.