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    At the Nov. 7 Board of Commissioners meeting, EWEB staff will present a proposed budget that includes rate increases necessary to support utility operations and make needed infrastructure investments.

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Rate Setting Process is Customer Driven and Community Focused

September 20, 2023 Jen Connors, EWEB Communications

Line technicians working on a power pole

EWEB’s Board of Commissioners is considering rate changes to help maintain reliable utility services and fund critical investments in Eugene’s water and electric infrastructure.

Because EWEB is customer-owned, utility rate-setting and other business is conducted in open public meetings. Citizens have access to planning documents, financial statements, and performance reports.

How to get involved

Customer-owners are invited to participate in the budget and rate-setting process by attending public board meetings and/or contacting your elected commissioners directly.

By participating in the utility governance, you can lend your voice on big questions such as:

Learn more about your elected commissioners, upcoming board meetings, and public  involvement.

How to be informed

When contacting your commissioner, you may want to get up to speed on how your rates are set and where your dollars go. We publish this information on our website

Your rates reflect local priorities

Decisions about pricing and investments made locally and reflect the values and choices of our community. In our 2022 customer survey, we asked you to rank priorities for EWEB decision-making. Respondents placed nearly equal importance on reliability and affordability, followed by environmental responsibility, safety, and community.

2022 customer survey graph showing priorities and values

You can see these values and priorities reflected in the major projects we’re planning and budgeting for:

These critical projects require massive investment, and affordability is a key consideration as we plan and budget future work. EWEB’s prices for power and water are comparable to or less than state, regional and national averages. But we understand the economic pressures facing so many customers and we work hard to control costs and operate as efficiently as possible.

You can learn more about how we control costs, where your dollars go, and programs to help you save money and manage your bill at