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EV Curious? You’re Not Alone.

September 13, 2017

Picture of several electric cars plugged in and charging

Change is afoot. Car companies Volvo and Jaguar Landrover, as well as nations like India and China, are committing to all-electric vehicle futures. Range advancements, charging infrastructure investments and a constellation of state, federal and local incentives are leading many car buyers to take a fresh look at clean, economical EVs.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, where we enjoy abundant, low-cost hydroelectric power, EVs are a smart economic choice and an important piece of the region's move away from fossil fuels. In our area, it will cost you $3.41 to go 100 miles in an electric vehicle, compared to $12.16 in a gas-powered car. Tax credits sweeten the deal. In addition to the existing $2,500-$7,500 federal tax credit, the State of Oregon's new rebate of up to $2,500 will go into effect in 2018. 

As an added incentive, EWEB offers a $300 rebate to help offset the cost of charging infrastructure for an all-electric car.

Beyond cost-savings, our 90% renewable electricity, makes EVs a particularly good choice for EWEB customers looking to lower their carbon-foot print in a significant way.

Nearly 100 EV-curious locals attended our second annual electric vehicle expo on Sunday, Sept. 10, the kick off to National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 9-17).  Participants were able to test drive the new 238-mile Chevy Bolt, Arcimoto's zippy utility vehicle, electric bikes, and a privately-owned Tesla Model X.  Eugene's event is one of more than 200 planned nationwide where EV enthusiasts help to highlight the convenience, performance, clean-air benefits, and cost-savings of electric cars.   

There are now over 30 models of EVs available in Oregon, and battery technology continues to improve.   

"With the recent passing of House Bill 2017, which includes point-of-purchase rebates on EVs starting next year, Oregon is taking meaningful steps to encourage EV adoption across the state," said Jeff Allen, executive director of Forth Mobility, a Portland-based non-profit focused on advancing electric, smart and shared transportation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  

"Now is the perfect time for anyone looking to buy or lease a new vehicle to learn more about why EVs are more affordable, more energy-efficient, and frankly, more fun to drive than gas-powered vehicles."  

If you missed the expo but are wondering if an EV is right for you, you can always visit the Go Forth Electric Vehicle Showcase in Portland (SW1st and Taylor).  There are a number of EVs available for test drives and plenty of information about the technology, charging options and more.    

Check out our website to learn more about EVs and how to help determine if one is right for you.