EWEB customer giving a thumbs up in his red Chevy Bolt
My EV Story: Zachary's Chevy Bolt 04/23/2020

We switched to an electric vehicle purely for environmental reasons. We knew petroleum-based internal combustion engines needed to be a thing of the past, and we wanted to support electric as an alternative. We voted with our dollars by buying an EV.

We thought the Chevy Bolt had the best bang for the buck: great range at an affordable price. While we made the change because of climate, there are all sorts of amazing other benefits that we're really getting to know.

We aren't emitting as much particulate and we aren't making as much noise for our neighborhood (noise pollution is a thing too!). Short trips around town, because of regenerative braking, take almost no energy. The car encourages us to drive more carefully because that's good for "fuel" economy, but that's also a lot safer!  

The driving experience is better, the maintenance experience is easier, you feel better... all around a wonderful thing for our lives!

If you are looking to purchase an EV, my advice is 100 percent do it! If you're thinking about around town, then go for a Nissan Leaf. They are sooooo affordable right now, hard great storage space, and still have tons of good incentives. 

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