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  • Eugene City Council approves purchase of former EWEB headquarters

    The Eugene City Council approved the purchase of EWEB's former riverfront headquarters property at a meeting on Jan. 30. The terms of the deal state that the City of Eugene will purchase the 4.4-acre property, which includes two buildings and parking lots, for $12 million.

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  • Firewood program in Blue River helps Holiday Farm Fire survivors stay warm

    An EWEB-supported program provides firewood for people affected by the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire. The McKenzie Firewood program was developed by Pure Water Partners (PWP) in 2021.

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  • EWEB electric and water crews support other utilities through mutual aid agreement

    At EWEB, we do what we can to help others in need. That’s been the reality for several of our electric and water crews over the past few weeks as we’ve responded to mutual aid requests for storm response and drinking water restoration, locally, and out of state.

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  • EWEB riverfront property negotiations advance

    After evaluating several proposals and opportunities, EWEB is focusing its negotiations to sell the former riverfront headquarters property to the City of Eugene. The exact terms and details of the deal will be negotiated during the next few weeks. 

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  • Your electric rates at work: EWEB’s grid demonstrates resiliency during December’s winter storms

    Despite an ice storm and a few windstorms in Eugene and the McKenzie Valley in the past few weeks, EWEB has so far fended off widespread weather-caused power outages – largely because of investments in year-round system maintenance and infrastructure improvements.

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Kids and Parents: Celebrate National Drinking Water Week by Exploring How Clean Drinking Water Gets to Your Home!

May 08, 2017

Picture of WaterTown USA children's science museum exhibit

Our award-winning "Tapping into Clean Water" exhibit is now on display at The Science Factory. And during Drinking Water Week, May 8 - 12, 2017, you can check out the WaterTown USA game board at EWEB's downtown location. We also will be selling emergency drinking water storage containers in our lobby, as part of our Drinking Water Week celebration and our Emergency Preparedness & Water Reliability Program.

Designed for children eight years and older, the "Tapping into Clean Water" exhibit helps you and your family look at this amazing natural resource in a whole new way.

"The exhibit provides fun, hands-on activities that help young people embrace the value of water and watershed protection," says Jill Hoyenga, a water planning and communication specialist at EWEB, and one of the exhibit's designers. 

"We think it's valuable for kids to be familiar with the basic science of how utilities make water safe to drink, and to learn about the infrastructure that delivers clean water from source to tap." 

The exhibit challenges kids to navigate a raindrop through the landscape to the water treatment plant, learning about pollutants along the way. Other stations explore water filtration and treatment processes that are similar to those we use at our Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant to deliver safe drinking water from the McKenzie River to your home.  

The "Tapping into Clean Water" exhibit won the 2017 "Best in Show" Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association Excellence in Communications Award. We developed the exhibit in partnership with Rainbow Water District and Springfield Utility Board.

The project was an ambitious two-year undertaking that involved technical experts from the three local utilities, an exhibition contractor and science educators at The Science Factory.

Visit the Tapping into Clean Water Exhibit throughout 2017 at the Science Factory, 2300 Leo Harris Parkway in Eugene. And come by EWEB, 500 E. 4th Ave, during Drinking Water Week, May 8 - 12 to check out the WaterTown USA game board, and purchase your emergency water containers, while supplies last!