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Lead Green - Together we are doing more.

May 31, 2023 Ashley Cissna, EWEB Communications

view overlooking a field of tilled rows ready to be planted

Together we can do more. And last year we did. 

Here in Eugene, we take pride in knowing we have one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation, with almost no electricity sourced from fossil fuels. Roughly 80% of Eugene’s power comes from carbon-free hydroelectric energy, and overall about 90% of EWEB's electricity is carbon-free. And EWEB has a long history of offering robust conservation programs. But we wanted to do more. 

And you did too. Following the launch of Green Options in 2022, customers joined in voluntary programs that support renewable energy and take action on climate change. 

Together, over the past year, Lead Green customers supported local solar projects, planted thousands of trees and shrubs, reduced our community’s total carbon emissions and so much more. Thank you to everyone who backed these efforts for the environment and our community. 

We know that results matter. Here are some details on what we accomplished last year. 

GreenpowerInfographic of lead green accomplishments

Greenpower customers funded 170 solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. These systems added 1,431 MWh in new annual generation and eliminated 457 CO2e MT (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent). 

In addition to buying renewable energy and supporting local solar installations, Greenpower subscribers also fund the Greenpower Grant. 

In 2023, Greenpower customers awarded a $50,000 Greenpower Grant to Friends of Trees to plant trees in areas within Eugene with low shade equity. 


Cleanpower customers committed to purchasing 100% clean energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 CO2e MT. Cleanpower participants tend to be higher energy consumers so these efforts matter! 

Carbon Offsets

EWEB’s Carbon Offsets program allows you to neutralize your carbon footprint. Carbon offsets are sourced from the Klawock Heenya Forest in Alaska which, in addition to sequestering carbon in the atmosphere, promotes a healthy wildlife habitat, enhances biodiversity, protects water quality and supports the local indigenous community. 

Participants in Carbon Offsets reduced carbon emissions by 16 CO2e MT. 

Carbon Forestry Lab

Supporters of EWEB’s Carbon Forestry Lab helped fund the mass planting of over 14,000 trees and shrubs in the McKenzie Watershed. 

These plantings will not only improve the McKenzie Watershed habitat, but they are also helping researchers to answer a few core questions.

  • What kind of plants and trees sequester the most carbon?

  • How can we maximize carbon sequestration in the soil to ensure long term capture that is impervious to wildfire?

  • What are the best planting methods for long-term success?

  • How can we balance the benefit of more trees with the risk of wildfire?

The Carbon Forestry Lab supports the partnership between EWEB and the University of Oregon’s Soil, Plant Atmosphere (SPA) Lab. In 2022 more than 30 student researchers participated in soil sampling, plant identification and soil carbon mechanics. Not only are we discovering carbon positive forestry practices, but together we are developing human capital to lead the industry in the future!

We are excited to see how Lead Green programs continue to impact our community and the environment. Together, we are doing more!

We can accomplish more if friends and neighbors join us! We encourage all our Lead Green supporters to help spread the word throughout our community. EWEB is committed to minimzing our carbon footprint, as such we endeavor to use digitals tools for the majority of our communication efforts, however, we recently sent some promotional swag items to current Lead Green customers. As Lead Green supporters, you are the best advocates to promote and educate others on the importance of these programs! We hope you will display your new swag proudly and tell everyone why you've chosen to "lead green." If you are interested in getting a digital version of the swag to display on social media, you can download it here

We encourage all customers to contact customer service  to ensure that your email address up to date so you don’t miss any important utility updates. 

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Carbon forestry lab
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Support local carbon forestry projects aimed at expanding our understanding of natural climate solutions and enhancing the McKenzie Watershed.

Carbon offsets
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After you maximize ways to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, you can neutralize your remaining carbon footprint with carbon offsets added right to your EWEB bill.

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Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) by enrolling in Cleanpower and help displace dirty energy sources with wind, solar and other zero-emission energy sources.

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Pay a little more in your monthly bill to support local projects, rooftop solar and renewable energy.