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    While beautiful and peaceful, buying a home on the edge of the forest and surrounded by trees has its tradeoffs. Moving “upriver,” I knew there would be more threats to prepare for, including Mother Nature’s seasonal surprises.

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    Learn about the projects and people that helped EWEB keep water flowing throughout the extreme weather event.

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  • EWEB achieves power restoration milestone over the weekend

    Crews have so far restored power for 92% of customers who originally lost power at the height of the ice storm.

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  • Reenergized McKenzie River Valley transmission lines allow EWEB crews to restore power upriver

    On Friday, a majority of EWEB crews tackled power restoration efforts upriver, after federally managed transmission lines were reenergized Thursday.

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  • EWEB estimates one week to complete power system restoration

    On Wednesday, EWEB crews restored power for about 10,000 customers by repairing large equipment first.

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EWEB provides programs that reflect the community's values

September 28, 2023 Ashley Cissna, EWEB Communications

Business Line Manager Juan Serpa Munoz talks about electric mobility rebates at the E-Bike Expo

As Oregon’s largest customer owned utility, the Eugene Water & Electric Board is here to serve the interests of our customer-owners--in other words, you.  

Our community values   reliability, affordability and environmental  stewardship. You can see these values reflected in many customer programs. 

  • Efficiency Conservation:  EWEB offers several rebate and loan programs to help you save energy and money. 
    • Ducted & ductless heat pumps 
    • Heat pump water heaters 
    • Electric vehicle chargers 
    • Windows and insulation 
    • Sprinkler controls 
    • High efficiency toilets 
    • And so many more! 
        • Carbon-conscious programs – EWEB launched Lead Green, for those customers who want to take extra steps to help the environment.  
          • Carbon offsets: After you maximize ways to reduce your energy and reduce carbon emissions through efficiency and conservation, you can neutralize your remaining carbon footprint with carbon offsets added right to your EWEB bill. 
          • Carbon forestry lab: Support local carbon forestry projects aimed at expanding our understanding of natural climate solutions while enhancing the McKenzie Watershed. 
          • Cleanpower: Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and help displace dirty energy sources with wind, solar and other zero-emission energy sources. 
          • Greenpower: Help fund local solar projects, minimize climate change effects and support renewable energy.  
            • Income-Based Programs: We have several programs to help customers who face temporary and long-term financial difficulties, including a $280 annual bill credit and enhanced efficiency rebates and loans.  
            • Electric Mobility programs: Our Move Green programs are designed to make electric mobility accessible to everyone in our community through grants, EV carsharing, and charging station and e-bike rebates. 
            • Emergency Preparedness:  Resources and programs such as Pledge to Prepare and back-up generator loans can help your family  stay safe in the event of an emergency.  
            • Educational Programs: We dedicate a portion of rates to local school districts to support energy and water resource education.   
            • Watershed protection: Through many long-term partnerships, we offer initiatives that reward landowners in the McKenzie Watershed for protecting their lands along the river and restoring riparian forests. Their good stewardship helps EWEB protect the source of our drinking water, avoiding future water treatment costs.  

             We work hard to deliver safe and reliable electricity and water, while also providing the resources and programs to our customer owners that help to improve their lives and strengthen our community. Checkout the programs we have available and reach out with any questions. Gve us a call Monday – Friday at 541-685-7000.  You can also email us at 

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            Rebates and Savings
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            Reduce your energy and water waste. Our incentive programs can help with the upfront investment.

            Payment Assistance Programs
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            You may qualify for a bill credit and other assistance programs.

            Options for climate innovators
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            EWEB’s Lead Green programs can help you put your money where your values are. Customer investments are used to finance projects that benefit the environment.  

            Protecting our drinking water
            Watershed Protection

            Watershed Protection

            Providing safe, clean drinking water, one of our community's most valuable resources, is a role we take seriously. Learn more about our programs to protect the McKenzie River watershed.