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  • March 7 Board Meeting report

    The EWEB Board of Commissioners meet on the first Tuesday of the month.

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  • Ramping up on electric infrastructure investments

    To maintain the reliability customers have come to know and trust, EWEB must address an aging infrastructure bubble.

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  • EWEB offering $50,000 community Greenpower renewable energy grant

    Greenpower Grants, a program funded by voluntary Greenpower customer subscriptions is currently accepting applications. The grant will fund a high-impact project that increase the use of renewable energy sources, the adoption of emerging technologies, clean energy education and reduce or offset our community's carbon footprint.

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  • EWEB pursues second water treatment plant to ensure resiliency

    Eugene is one of the largest cities on the west coast with only a single source of drinking water, the McKenzie River. And though the McKenzie is a pure, reliable water source, EWEB will secure a second source ensure resiliency in the future, planning to build a water treatment plant on the Willamette River, upstream of Eugene and Springfield.

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  • Deconstruction begins on Currin Substation near Garden Way and 105

    For the past year, EWEB’s electric division has been preparing for a complete reconstruction of the Currin substation. Quite simply, it’s reached the end of its useful life.

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A Fossil-free World Starts at Home

January 05, 2018

Picture of a living room with many house plants

If your home is burning fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil, we have programs to help you upgrade to clean, efficient electricity.

Here in Eugene, we are fortunate to have one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation, with almost no electricity sourced from fossil fuels.

Because 80 percent of EWEB's power comes from carbon-free hydroelectric energy, replacing your fossil fuel home- or water-heating system with an efficient electric system is one way you can help meet local and global carbon reduction goals.

Upgrading to a high efficiency electric system can help lower your monthly bills as well. A ductless heat pump powered by EWEB can be cheaper to install and operate than any other system, including natural gas. 

We want to make it easy and affordable to go fossil-free. Our rebate and loan programs can help offset installation costs, and we're keeping electricity prices flat in 2018—marking the third time in four years that EWEB has been able to hold electric prices steady. 

Earn an extra $350 incentive with our Clean Power Promotion

In addition to our everyday rebates and loans, eligible customers can now take advantage of our Clean Power Promotion and receive an additional $350 when you convert your existing natural gas or oil-burning system to an energy efficient heat pump or heat pump water heater system. Learn more.

Benefits of heat pumps

A smaller carbon footprint. EWEB's 80 percent hydroelectric power does not produce air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower energy costs. Because of the high efficiency of heat pumps, they can be less expensive to operate than gas systems.

Year-round comfort. Heat pumps come standard with air conditioning to keep you comfortable in any season. And a multi-head ductless heat pump system provides zonal temperature control.

Want to hydro-power your ride? 

Here in the Pacific Northwest, electric vehicles are a smart economic choice and an important piece of the region's move away from fossil fuels. In addition to state and federal tax credits, we offer a $200 rebate to help offset the cost of charging infrastructure for an all-electric car. Learn more.

Clean Power Promotion ends March 31

To take advantage of the additional $350 incentive for upgrading your gas or oil-burning system to a heat pump or heat pump water heater system, apply online before March 31, 2018.  Your account manager will help verify that your home qualifies for the promotion and walk you through the next steps.