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The methodology for setting water SDCs is done in accordance with state law and formally reviewed at least every five years. The fee schedule is based on the size of the water meter installed as an indication of maximum daily demand, and the location of the new service.  About 20 percent of our service territory is served through upper level water systems where higher fees would apply.   EWEB policy allows for manual calculation of  the SDC for developments that don’t fit typical water use patterns, such as housing units under 800 square feet and multi-family housing complexes.


Current charges

Visit the Customer Service Policy, Pricing and Glossary Appendices  for water service installation charges and current SDC pricing.

EWEB may elect to waive the water SDC for qualified low income housing projects, as determined by the City of Eugene, when eligibility and financial criteria are met.  If your project has been approved for an SDC exemption through the City of Eugene, use this application form to have your project considered for a water SDC waiver.