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With EWEB assistance, Amazon Corner acheives lower operating cost and a reduced carbon footprint

November 08, 2018

The new mixed-use building on the corner of 32nd and Hilyard St., known as Amazon Corner, will have lower operating costs and a lower carbon footprint due to efficient ductless heat pumps and the use of LED lighting throughout the residential spaces.

During the pre-design phase, local developer Jon Lauch approached Travis Reeder of EWEB, now a Customer Relationship Manager, with a desire to make the building more efficient, while retaining comfort for tenants and residents. A few technologies for heating were discussed for the tenant spaces. With Travis' advice and assistance from EWEB's custom new-construction HVAC incentive program, Jon ultimately landed on a cost effective ductless heat pump system allowing year-round comfort and a low carbon footprint.

"I estimate the efficient ductless heat pump system will save nearly 200,000 kWh/year compared to a less efficient electric furnace," says Travis. "And because the system is all-electric, EWEB's clean power results in a lower carbon footprint than if natural gas had been incorporated as a heating source."

In addition, the building uses energy efficient, long lasting, and low maintenance LED lighting.

"The assistance from EWEB helped to make possible a higher level of quality for lighting and HVAC systems, while reducing operating costs for the Amazon Corner project.  Working through the process with Travis Reeder's input and guidance was smooth and painless.  We greatly appreciate EWEB's input, guidance and rebate programs," says Jon.

"This project has been a great partnership between the customer, developer, and EWEB," continues Travis. "We are always on the lookout for exciting new technologies and partnerships to assist in pushing the envelope of responsible energy use. We are happy to share what we have learned from decades of collaborating with our customers and developers, while staying up to date on emerging energy saving technologies."

In the near term, EWEB hopes to help drive Eugene's first high efficiency, all-electric, low greenhouse gas emitting mid-rise housing project.  With the advent of economical heat pump water heaters, several options in heat pumps, and induction cook-tops; sustainable and comfortable housing is now a great option, even for serious cooks.

Learn more about EWEB's commercial efficiency programs and our clean power supply