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Neighbors Helping Neighbors During December Share the Warmth Campaign

December 13, 2017

Customer Care program supervisor, Kathy Grey, receiving a check from SPIN board members

As Kathy Grey, an EWEB supervisor who oversees the Customer Care programs, walked from EWEB's Headquaters to the Campbell Senior Center a few blocks away, she pulled her knit cap a litte further down over her ears. With the sky still clouded over and every breath visible in the frosty air, it was a morning fitting the presentation Kathy was on her way to attend.

Each year, EWEB makes available funds to help customers who are struggling to pay their utility bills. Our Customer Care programs help thousands of community members who find themeselves in times of hardship, but the need is much greater than what we are able to meet. While we recieve Customer Care donations year-round, in December we highlight our "Share the Warmth" program and celebrate the generosity of neighbors helping neighbors. 

On this chilly day, Kathy is accepting a $500 donation from the Senior Providers Information Network (SPIN) during their monthly meeting at the senior center. 

As the members — or "spinners," as they refer to themeselves — go through introductions prior to kicking off the meeting, it is obvious that they share a passion for caring for our community's senior population. After a few announcements, the SPIN board member leading the meeting turns his attention to the back of the room where Kathy is standing with some center staff, who are also receiving a $500 donation from SPIN.

"This is a network of people doing some really wonderful things in the community," Kathy says upon receiving the donation. "Your contribution to EWEB's Customer Care program will directly help seniors who apply for assistance here at the Campbell Senior Center."

According to Dahlia Garza, program coordinator at the center, nearly 1,100 seniors have accessed EWEB Customer Care programs in 2017 through the Campbell Senior Center. The donation from SPIN will go directly to helping a few more customers in the coming months. 

Learn more about EWEB's Customer Care programs and Share the Warmth.