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National Drive Electric Week Highlights Clean, Low-Carbon Transportation

September 10, 2018

Picture of electric vehicles on display at EV showcase event

Electric vehicle drivers, supporters, and intrigued local residents attended an EV Showcase on Sunday, Sept. 9 to highlight the clean-air benefits, cost-savings and fun provided by electric cars, as part of the annual National Drive Electric Week

Here in the Pacific Northwest, where we enjoy abundant, low-cost hydroelectric power, EVs are a smart economic choice and an important piece of the region's move away from fossil fuels. We are fortunate in Eugene to have one of the cleanest power portfolios in the nation, with almost no electricity sources from fossil fuels.

Did you know?

  • About 90 percent of our power comes from carbon-free resources
  • Nearly 80 percent of Eugene's power comes from hydroelectric projects here in the Pacific Northwest
  • Because it's fueled by water, the Northwest's hydroelectric power base does not produce air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions

Sunday's Electric Vehicle Showcase was sponsored by BRING Recycling, Forth Mobility, EWEB, and Lane Regional Air Protection Agency.  The event gave locals the opportunity to learn about the latest in EV charging and purchase incentives, as well as take look at models like the Chevy Volt, Tesla Model S, Volkswagon e-Golf and the BMW i3. More than 30 electric car owners put their vehicles on display at Hummingbird Wholesale's brand new Mahonia Building as part of the annual BRING Home & Garden Tour.

Benefits of EVs

Range advancements, charging infrastructure investments and a constellation of state, federal and local incentives are leading many car buyers to take a fresh look at clean, economical EVs.

Lower carbon footprint
All-electric vehicles have no tail pipe emissions and our clean power makes EVs a particularly good choice for EWEB customers looking to lower their carbon-foot print in a significant way.

Save money
In our area, it will cost you around $405 per year to charge an electric vehicle compared to $1,655 per year to fuel up a gas powered car. And fewer moving parts make electric vehicles ultra-low maintenance.

Fun to drive
Regenerative braking, high-torque electric motors and battery range innovations are making EVs the driver's choice for a fun, high-performance ride.  

Save with our Clean Ride Rebate

We want to make it easy and affordable to go fossil free. EWEB's $300 Clean Ride Rebate will pay for clean electric fuel for a year for most drives, or help offset the cost of a home charging station. In addition to our rebate for EWEB customers, car buyers can save up to $10,000 with state and federal tax credits.

If you missed the Showcase but are wondering if an EV is right for you, you can always visit the Forth Mobility Electric Vehicle Showcase in Portland (SW1st and Taylor).  There are a number of EVs available for test drives and plenty of information about the technology, charging options and more.  

More Drive Electric Weeks events happening around the state this week:

Sunriver - Sept. 10, 2018
Bend - Sept. 12, 2018
Lincoln City - Sept. 15, 2018
Wilsonville - Sept. 15, 2018

Check out our website to learn more about EVs and how to help determine if one is right for you.