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ALERT: EWEB drop box vandalized, payments stolen

One of the EWEB payment drop boxes located at our former headquarters building (500 E. 4th Ave) was vandalized sometime between Wednesday, Nov. 22 at 9 a.m. and Monday, Nov. 27 at 9 a.m. Click here to learn more.


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May 2nd Board meeting report

May 04, 2023 Rachael McDonald, EWEB Communications


Eugene 4J teacher Tana Shepard thanked EWEB for supporting local schools with Education Grants. She offered some statistics on how EWEB grants have supported  the district:

  • 3,234 students from 62 classrooms participated in the salmon experience this year. 
  • Implemented aK-12 food waste collection program this year at 4J schools.
  • 1,345 students from 18 classrooms are participating in the EWEB EV Challenge this year.
  • Nearly 100 water refill stations were installed in 4J schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, including educational signage that tells where our drinking water comes from, a watershed map and the three-step filtration process.
  • Supporting Climate Justice Team at the high schools.

EWEB customers help support education grants – totaling $500,000 annually – for Eugene 4J, Bethel, Springfield, and McKenzie School Districts.


Leaburg Hydroelectric Plant Decommissioning Action Plan Update

EWEB is in the early stages of planning to permanently discontinue electricity generation at the Leaburg Hydroelectric Project, remove Leaburg Dam and restore the McKenzie River to a free-flowing state. Staff gave the Board an update on development of the plan. The final plan will be completed in December 2023. The plan identifies key decision points and milestones in the process. It will be at least 10 years before we see work on the ground towards removing Leaburg Dam.

Annual Strategic Plan Review

General Manager Frank Lawson reviewed EWEB’s strategic plan and proposed some additions. The 10-year plan, first implemented in 2018, calls for EWEB to develop more resilient and sustainable infrastructure, finances, people, and processes. The plan also calls for EWEB to collaborate with customers to mitigate supply volatility and scarcity, improve resiliency to disruptive events, optimize infrastructure investments, and aid in water and electricity supply decisions. Lawson said we’re in the second phase of the plan. The proposed additions include positioning for flexibility by planning for new energy services, and developing a diversity, equity, and inclusion Board policy. The Board plans to revisit the plan at its future meeting in June.

2023 Quarter 1 performance report and Capital Plan Update

Assistant General Manager Rod Price told commissioners 2022 was a great year and that success is continuing this year. EWEB is on track with nearly everything we’re doing. He talked about risk and things to watch, including climate and weather, which affect hydropower generation. Inflation is another concern looking ahead as well as regulatory compliance, service reliability, and workforce resiliency.

Chief Operations Officer Karen Kelly shared an update on EWEB’s capital projects, which include building new drinking water storage tanks and water transmission mains, planning for a second drinking water treatment plant, rebuilding multiple substations, deploying smart meter technology, refurbishing elements of the Carmen Smith hydroelectric project, and replacing outdated technology. While some projects are over budget because of increased costs and workforce challenges, many others are on budget and on time.

Performance Evaluation Process for General Manager

Board members asked for more models to follow for evaluating performance. General Manager Frank Lawson noted that the Board sets the utility’s strategic direction and policies, while the primary means of overseeing ongoing daily operations is through the general manager.

Future Board Agendas:

May 16 Upriver Board Meeting – Commissioners and EWEB staff are planning for the annual upriver board meeting. It will be at 6 p.m. at the McKenzie Fire & Rescue Training Center in Leaburg.


EWEB Assistant General Manager Rod Price: “I’m really pleased EWEB received a first-place award from the 2023 Northwest Public Power Association for Safety. We also heard a few days ago that we won a similar award from the AWWA (American Water Works Association) for first place in safety as a water utility. I think it highlights the importance that we place as an organization on safety and how seriously our employees take it.”

Commissioner Mindy Schlossberg on the Leaburg Decommissioning Action Plan “Be really clear that this is really a plan to create an action plan. Because I think some people might think there’s already an action plan for decommissioning and really this is just beginning to plan for a plan for decommissioning.”

EWEB Generation Manager Lisa Krentz on the Leaburg Decommissioning Action Plan: “It will be at least 10 years before we see work on the ground towards decommissioning Leaburg Dam.”

EWEB General Manager Frank Lawson on workforce challenges: “If you look at really strong organizations, they develop a workforce strategy and I think we as an industry have to look at it that way. It will have to be something we invest in and build a foundation for.”

Commissioner Mindy Schlossberg on the Upriver Board Meeting on May 16: “I’m sure we will have a large turnout at our Upriver Board meeting, and we will hear a lot of questions about Leaburg.”


Commissioners hold regularly scheduled public meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, typically starting at 5:30 p.m. Customers are welcome and encouraged to attend.