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EWEB Prepares for the Annual Observance of "Imagine a Day Without Water"

September 28, 2023 Claire Wray, EWEB Communications

Next time you wake up, try to count how many times you use water in just the first 15 minutes of your day. Do you head straight for the shower? Brush your teeth? Fill up your coffee pot for your morning brew? All three? It’s amazing how much we rely on water.

On October 19, EWEB will participate in the observance of the ninth-annual “Imagine a Day Without Water.” The event was founded to highlight how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of continuous investment. 

This year’s observance is particularly poignant as EWEB works to improve the resiliency of our water system. We are facing unique challenges related to aging infrastructure and the threat of natural disasters like earthquakes.

Luckily, EWEB’s citizen-elected Board of Directors has taken a proactive approach to addressing risks and safeguarding our water future. In addition to recent upgrades at our Hayden Bridge Water Treatment Plant, EWEB is rebuilding water reservoirs with modern, earthquake-resilient water tanks. We are also replacing water pipelines with seismic-resilient materials.

Many other water systems across the country are facing “aging infrastructure bubbles” like ours. And in some cases, their failure to complete timely upgrades has led to extended water outages, boil water notices, and critical losses in system pressure which inhibits firefighting and other essential services. 

We are thankful to have a Board that prioritizes water security. And events like “Imagine a Day Without Water” are important reminders that we must invest in our systems to maintain reliable service.

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