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College Hill Reservoir Replacement Project

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After serving Eugene for over 80 years, the 15-million-gallon (MG) College Hill Reservoir has reached the end of its useful life. EWEB will dismantle the leaky and antiquated reservoir and replace it in the next few years with new, modern drinking water storage tanks built to withstand major earthquakes. 

Why is this project necessary?

EWEB's College Hill reservoir—which serves all Eugene homes and businesses, and provides emergency water for critical community needs, including fire suppression—is nearing the end of its useful life and fails to meet current seismic standards. It is unlikely to survive a major earthquake, resulting in Eugene losing critical supplies of safe drinking water in the event of a disaster. 

In addition, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is requiring EWEB to rehabilitate or decommission the reservoir because of leaking roof joints, which creates the potential to degrade the water quality. And from an operations standpoint, the College Hill reservoir does not drain and fill effectively, which impacts water quality.

Decommissioning the existing facility and building new water storage tanks at College Hill is the most cost-effective solution long-term and will improve water quality and resiliency for all Eugene residents.

Explore this webpage: Fencing and Closure Update (6/2024)Public Involvement | New Tank Design | Timeline | News & Updates | Ask a Question | Frequently Asked Questions

Fencing and Closure Update (6/2024)

The time has come to officially close the College Hill Reservoir site for planned construction.

On Monday, July 8, the top of the reservoir will be closed and the gates locked. Contractors will begin fencing the site, at which point the entire College Hill site will be closed to the public throughout construction and site restoration, approximately three years. Fence installation is anticipated to last two weeks.

Before fencing can begin, the tree stumps will need to be removed. Stump grinding will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, June 28 and will take 3 to 4 business days. The top of the reservoir will remain open to the public during the fence preparation.

The property, including the top of the reservoir, will be open for the Fourth of July. No fireworks are allowed, per City of Eugene ordinance. Please enjoy the space safely and respectfully.


What's Next?

We anticipate demolition to begin in late July or early August. The process of removing the existing structures and preparing the site for construction will take approximately 8-10 months. 

Tank construction, piping, and backfilling are anticipated to begin in early 2025 and will last approximately 12-18 months. 

Transmission main and storm drain construction from 23rd and Lincoln to the connection point near 23rd Ave. and Amazon Drive is likely to start early-to-mid 2025 and will take approximately one year. 

Site restoration & landscaping is anticipated to begin in late 2026 or early 2027. We will continue collecting community input on landscaping and public amenities into 2025.

More Details to Come

We understand that this construction will have an impact on the neighborhood, particularly regarding noise, traffic, and other disruptions.  

We want to assure you that we are committed to minimizing these inconveniences as much as possible and to keeping you fully informed throughout the process. 

At this time, detailed schedules and specific information about the construction activities are not yet available. However, we are dedicated to providing you with ongoing and timely updates as soon as this information is confirmed. Our goal is to ensure you are well informed about what to expect and when through: 

  • Regular Updates: We will send out regular updates via email, providing detailed information about upcoming construction activities, schedules, and any changes that may occur. 
  • Website Information: The project website will be updated frequently with the latest project news and schedules. 
  • Community Meetings: We will host community meetings to discuss the project and provide a forum for your questions and feedback. Dates and times for these meetings will be announced well in advance. 
  • Project Team: You can reach out to the project team by phone or email. We will respond promptly to your questions. 

Project Team

To reach the project team, email or call 541-685-7899. Your message will reach:

  • Laura Farthing, Principal Engineer & Project Manager
  • Jen Connors, Communications Supervisor
  • Claire Wray, Communications Specialist
  • Hanna Ashcraft, Communications Specialist
  • Wally McCullough, Water Engineering Supervisor
  • Mike Masters, Water Operations Manager 
  • Chris Irvin, Sr. Engineer & Pipeline Project Manager 


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