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  • Drinking Water Week 2024

    This week, we celebrate the value of clean, safe water, the importance of water infrastructure, and the critical role of water professionals.

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  • EWEB offering additional energy efficiency supplement to qualified customers

    Current EWEB residential electric customers may qualify to double their energy efficiency rebates with a limited time supplement.

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  • EWEB opens application for 2024 Electric Mobility Community Grants

    Grant awards of up to $30,000 to cover costs associated with electric mobility projects.

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  • Upgrades to Eugene's downtown electric network continue

    You may have noticed construction this week on the corner of 7th and Pearl Street. That’s because crews replaced a corroded, aging vault with an innovative, new Voltek vault. The Voltek design allows for the new infrastructure to be built inside of the existing aging vault. We’re able to install the new vault while the cables are still energized, minimizing disruption to customers and traffic while cutting construction time in half.

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  • The Big Freeze 2024: After Action Report

    Winter 2024 was one for the records books, and we'll look back on it for years to come and say, "That was a doozy!"  The back-to-back January Ice Storms caused widespread damage to EWEB’s service territory, affecting approximately 38,000 customers. Preliminary repair costs were over $8 million, and additional repairs to transmission lines are still required. 

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EWEB launches 2022 residential customer survey

May 09, 2022

Eugene city scape at dusk

As a public utility, it is important that EWEB check in with customers to see how we are performing, gauge how satisfied you are with different aspects of our services and offerings, and understand your needs.

EWEB has partnered with professional research firm, GreatBlue Research, Inc., to conduct an online survey of residential customers. GreatBlue Research, Inc. will maintain the anonymity of respondents and all data will be aggregated in the findings. 

The survey includes questions to better understand your satisfaction around topics including service quality and reliability, EWEB's responsiveness to customer needs and efficiency programs, to name a few. Also included are questions to better understand your values and priorities as they relate to core utility functions and strategic initiatives.

The survey will not include questions that ask you to reveal personally sensitive information, or to complete a payment. If you receive a call or email that appears suspicious hang up or delete the email. Learn more about protecting yourself from scams.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to take the survey today. We will share findings from the survey in summer 2022.

Your input and opinions help shape EWEB's direction

EWEB launched Green Options, a line of carbon-conscious programs in April 2022 based on formal and informal, qualitative and quantitative feedback from customers. This included a review of data from customer surveys in which customers reported an interest in programs to help reduce or offset their household carbon footprint. 

The results of the 2019 residential survey indicated that 91% of customers were somewhat (27%) to very (64%) interested in programs designed to help them decrease their personal carbon footprint by using less or cleaner energy. In addition, 84% of customers indicated they were somewhat (35%) to very (49%) interested in programs providing the opportunity to invest in local forest protection and restoration.

EWEB created new programs to meet the interests of customers:

  • Carbon offsets: After you maximize ways to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, you can neutralize your remaining carbon footprint with carbon offsets added right to your EWEB bill.
  • Carbon forestry lab: Support local carbon forestry projects aimed at expanding our understanding of natural climate solutions and enhancing the McKensie Watershed.
  • Cleanpower: Purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and help displace dirty energy sources with wind, solar and other zero-emission energy sources.