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Electric vehicles benefit customers and the community

June 05, 2023 Ashley Cissna, EWEB Communications

The rising cost of gasoline and growing consequences of climate change are driving more and more people to look for alternatives to gas-powered vehicles. And EVs offer benefits that go beyond the gas pump.  

 No tailpipe emissions 

The City of Eugene’s CAP 2.0 report found that most of Eugene’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Here in Eugene, where around 90% of our power comes from carbon-free resources, replacing your fossil fuel burning car with a clean, efficient electric vehicle can make a significant dent your personal carbon footprint.  

Cheaper to operate 

In our area it will cost you about $350 a year to charge an electric vehicle, compared to around $2,000 a year to fuel a gas-powered car. And fewer moving parts make electric vehicles ultra-low maintenance. Tax rebates can help bring the cost of ownership down even more.  

Easy to charge 

If you’ve ever been running late in the morning and realize you forgot to fill up on gas the day before, you’ll appreciate the convenience of plugging in your vehicle in your garage or driveway. Electric cars can be conveniently charged overnight using standard outlets. Installing a charging station at home will charge the vehicle faster, and EWEB’s $500 Smart Charge Rebate can help offset the installation cost. 

Charging infrastructure throughout the state and country is growing rapidly, so it is easy to find charging stations when you are on the go. Mobile apps can help you find available charging stations in your area and beyond. 

Fun to drive! 

Regenerative braking, high-torque electric motors and other technology innovations are making EVs the driver's choice for a fun, high-performance ride. And today's electric cars can get 100 to 300 miles per full charge, so there is nowhere these fun vehicles can’t go. 

Beyond the benefits to electric vehicle owners, health benefits from improved air quality, and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mean that EVs can offer other benefits to the whole community. 

In 2020-2021, EWEB initiated a study to help quantify the benefits and impacts of widespread electrification in our community, including electrification of passenger vehicles. The study found that EVs provide benefits to vehicle owners, other electric ratepayers and society as a whole: 

  • All EVs, regardless of vehicle type, are expected to become cheaper than gas-powered cars before 2030. 
  • Because of EWEB's nearly carbon-free power, upgrading vehicles from gas to electric power can reduce air pollution and create a better, cleaner environment. 
  • By 2040, EV adoption could cut Eugene's total carbon emissions by almost 40%. 

Whether you already have an electric vehicle, or you're considering electric mobility options, we can help with incentives, information and expertise. Learn more at