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Changes Coming to Your Utility Services Bill

June 28, 2021

Woman at kitchen table with laptop paying bills

Your next EWEB and City of Eugene utility services bill will look different and include some fee changes. Here's what to expect.

A fresh look

We've updated our bill layout to be more user-friendly. Page one shows your billing summary and an at-a-glance breakdown of charges by service. Monthly usage graphs have been moved to the back of the bill where they are larger and in color. And speaking of color, the overall design uses color and icons to help you quickly identify details by service.

Learn more about the updated billing statement and our new online customer portal.

City of Eugene stormwater and wastewater fee changes

The City of Eugene increased stormwater fees three percent and wastewater fees four percent effective July 1, 2021.

Charges related to stormwater and wastewater appear in the water portion of customer bills but are not EWEB charges. The City of Eugene owns and operates the stormwater and wastewater systems in Eugene. For efficiency, EWEB acts as the City's billing agent per City charter. 

If you have questions about these fees, visit the City of Eugene stormwater and wastewater websites or call the City of Eugene at 541-682-4900.

Watershed Restoration Fee

Earlier this year, EWEB Commissioners approved a new program that will pay for wildfire restoration projects in the McKenzie watershed through a temporary flat fee assessed to customer water bills. 

The community-funded watershed recovery and restoration initiative will supplement EWEB's McKenzie River Source Protection Program to safeguard drinking water for Eugene residents. 

Working with McKenzie River Trust, McKenzie Watershed Council, and other Pure Water Partners, we are addressing immediate risks such as erosion from high burn areas and redevelopment along the river, as well as longer-term resiliency investments to restore floodplain areas that are critical to water quality and habitat.

The Watershed Recovery Fee is effective July 2021 and will be in place for 60 months (5 years), at which time it will automatically sunset. For most residential and business customers, the fee will be a flat $3 per month (based on a 1-inch or smaller water meter). Some customers, such as large businesses and those with extensive irrigation needs, will pay more ($4.50 to $30 per month) based on meter size.

Learn more about wildfire in the McKenzie Watershed.

Looking to the future

As a customer-owned utility, we do not operate to earn a profit or to serve the investment needs of stockholders. Our job is providing safe, reliable water and electricity and our prices are based on the costs to serve our customers. 

If 2020 showed us anything, it is the importance of resiliency-the ability to adapt and recover from adversity. Fortunately, EWEB entered the COVID-19 crisis in a strong financial position, after several years of efforts to become more efficient, lower operating costs, and reduce debt.  

Although your utility is healthy, some heavy lifting is still to come. Infrastructure that ensures safe, clean, reliable power and water to Eugene homes and businesses requires ongoing investment. After years of no rate increases, including absorbing increases from our largest energy supplier, the Bonneville Power Administration, EWEB will likely need to raise rates in 2022. Your elected Board of Commissioners will review and approve next year's budget and customer rates in the fall through winter of 2021.

We know that our customers value affordability and expect that from us.  As we look toward potential price changes, we will continue to be good stewards of your money, and make prudent investments necessary for continued delivery of safe and reliable drinking water and electricity.