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    Amid rising inflation and other challenges, rate increases are necessary to maintain reliable utility services and fund critical investments in Eugene’s water and electric infrastructure.

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  • EWEB preparing for expected surge in electric vehicles

    Electric vehicle (EV) sales are poised to skyrocket in the years ahead as technology improves, more models hit the market, prices fall and regulations limit the sale of gas-powered vehicles. And EWEB is preparing for this surge.

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  • EWEB offering additional energy efficiency supplement to qualified customers

    Current EWEB residential electric customers may qualify to double their energy efficiency rebates with a limited time supplement.

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  • New tanks come online as EWEB modernizes water system

    New drinking water storage tanks are one of several investments to ensure that EWEB can meet critical community needs in the event of an earthquake.

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Call Before You Dig

April 04, 2018

3 shovels ready to dig

Even small, shallow projects such as planting shrubs, installing a post or removing a root can be dangerous and costly if you inadvertently hit a power line, cable or pipe.

Did you know state law requires you to call at least two working days before you start digging?

You can protect yourself and your family from injury, expense and penalties by knowing where underground utility lines are buried before you begin a digging project. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional excavator, one easy phone call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for free. 

When you call 811, operators at the Oregon Utility Notification Center will ask you for the location of your digging job and route your call to affected utility companies. Your utility companies will then send a professional locator to your site to mark your lines within a few days.

You do not need to be home, unless you have specific questions, or you have locked gates that prevent access to your property. Be sure pets are restrained when locators arrive. Once your underground lines have been marked, you will know the approximate location of your utility lines and can dig safely.  

Use this color coded chart to keep track of what type of utility line might be on the property:

Color code chart for marked underground facilities

There are thousands of miles of underground facilities throughout our community. Don't take the chance of accidentally hitting a line while you're digging.

A safe digging project must always start with a call to Oregon 811. It's free. It's easy. It's the law.  

How to request location of underground utilities