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Important Notice About Online Bill Pay and Pay-by-Phone

Payment services will undergo maintenance 7/19 - 7/28/24. Some services will be unavailable. Click here to learn more.


Smart Meter Customer Options

By default, smart meters transmit usage to EWEB without the need for technicians to come to your property monthly to read meter data. Most customers can elect to have their meters manually read.

The Account Holder is the only person authorized to make a choice among the following options: 

Automatic Meter Reading:  EWEB will install a smart meter with communications enabled.  Communicating meters provide outage detection and other advanced services. This is the default option, does not require any action by the customer, and incurs no additional costs.

Manual Meter Reading:  EWEB will install a smart meter. After establishing system connection, the meter’s communication functionality, including the radio transmission capability, will be turned off so that the meter does not transmit usage data to EWEB. This option requires a manual meter read, will include a monthly fee to be determined at a future date, and must be elected by contacting EWEB.

Account Holders may elect to have the meter’s communication functionality, including the radio transmission capability, turned off except under the following conditions: 

  • Customer or Account Holder has Tampered with EWEB Facilities or Diverted Utility Services. 
  • Customer or Account Holder has not provided safe and necessary access to meters. 
  • A condition on the property or conduct of the Customer, or anyone under the Customer’s reasonable control, significantly affects an employee’s ability to perform work related functions due to a protected status such as, but not limited to, race or sex.  
  • Account Holder is on a General Service Price Schedule. 
  • Customer is enrolled in a program that requires a communicating meter. 

An account holder's preference applies to all services on the account. Customers who request Manual Meter Reading will not be able to receive advanced services that require communicating electric and/or water meters. Advanced services include water leak detection, automatic power outage notification,  as well as access to more detailed consumption information and new pricing plans in the future. 

The Manual Meter Reading option is tied to a specific account. If you move to another address within EWEB's service territory, you will need to make a new request. If your preference changes, please notify EWEB so we can update your account accordingly.

    To request Manual Meter Reading, please contact Customer Service in one of the following ways: