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January 2024 Storm Event

A severe ice storm hit Eugene and the lower McKenzie River Valley starting on January 13 and lasting through January 17, 2024. The storm downed multiple trees and power lines, creating widespread outages across the area. Scroll for information on EWEB's response to the crisis. 

Newsroom Updates

January 22, 2024: EWEB achieves power restoration milestone over the weekend 

January 19, 2024: Reenergized McKenzie River Valley transmission lines allow EWEB crews to restore power upriver

January 18, 2024: EWEB estimates one week to complete power system restoration

January 17, 2024: Second round of ice and ensuing thaw prompt mass power outages

January 16, 2024: Power restored at EWEB’s water treatment plant

January 15, 2024: EWEB crews focusing on restoring electric service for Hayden Bridge Water Filtration Plant

January 14, 2024: EWEB crews making downed lines safe and restoring power across Eugene and the foothills

Helpful Resources

For information on outages and status of repairs, visit our outage map.

To report an outage, call our toll-free outage reporting line at 1-844-484-2300. You must complete all prompts to record your outage.

If you see a downed line, stay away and follow reporting instructions

To learn how we restore power, view this information page.

To submit a comment or feedback, submit a contact form.

Customers are encouraged to check their weatherhead and meter box for damage. 

If there has been damage to the weatherhead, mast or meter box, a crew cannot safely reconnect the power. Doing so creates a risk of fire or other safety hazards. If there's damage, contact an electrician ASAP to make repairs. After that, call EWEB customer service to report the repair. The electrician will need to submit a supervisory letter before EWEB can restore your power.

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