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Help For New or Expanding Business

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Our Key Accounts staff is available to help new or expanding businesses with technical help. Send an email or give us a call at 541-685-7607.

New and expanding businesses can provide broad economic benefits to the community and EWEB customers, but often have high up-front costs associated with capital improvements, including utility infrastructure. 

The Business Growth and Retention Credit is intended to provide short-term discounted electric pricing to support business growth when such development demonstrates clear economic, environmental and community benefits.


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Special electric pricing

The Business Growth and Retention Credit is applied against the electric price schedule for qualified customers locating or expanding in EWEB's service territory. The annual bill credit is based on the differential between the wholesale electric market and EWEB retail prices. Approved projects will be offered an agreement with a term of 2 - 4 years determined by the economic benefits to EWEB and the community.

Basic and demand charges are not discounted.


We seek projects that contribute to our community's economic, social and environmental vitality. Minimum program eligibility requirements include:

  • 100 kilowatts of new energy demand
  • $25,000 increased energy charges annually
  • Demonstrate demand response capability

Demand response capability is defined as the ability to shed 10 percent, or in circumstances where that is not feasible, a minimum 20 kW, of the project's estimated demand. Demand response capability does not commit the customer to any involuntary load shedding.

Get started

To be considered for participation in EWEB's Business Growth and Retention Program, please fill out the application so we can evaluate the specific attributes the project brings to the community. Or contact us with questions: email or call 541-685-7607.