Sprinklers in green lawn with flower beds
Tips for the start of irrigation season 05/08/2019

With the dry late spring we have been experiencing, you might be preparing to turn your sprinkler system on for the first time this year. Following a few tips can help you water wisely.

When it comes to your spinkler system, a little routine maintenance can make a big difference.

Inspect: Before turning your sprinkler system on for the first time, check it for clogged, missing or broken sprinkler heads. You can also have the system professionaly inspected and repaired. Given the cold, snowy winter we had, hiring an irrigation professional to perform routine maintenance may help catch costly leaks.

Connect: Take a close look at the points where sprinkler heads connect to pipes or hoses. Look for large wet areas or pools of water which may indicate a leak in the system. 

Direct: Don't skip this simple step! Be sure the sprinkler heads are directed to the landscaped areas and not sidewalks and driveways.

Select: If you have an irrigation scheduler be sure it is set to the correct settings for the season. 

Follow our weekly watering recommendations to be sure you give your lawn and garden the right amount of water. You can also check out the Water Wise Garden at Alton Baker Park for ideas on how to create a beautiful landscape with low water needs.