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  • Tests show EWEB water is free of “forever chemicals”

    EWEB is already in compliance with a new proposed federal rule that would require municipalities to test for PFAs, or forever chemicals, in drinking water. The good news for EWEB customers is that in over ten years of testing we have not found PFAs in our water.

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  • Ramping up on electric infrastructure investments

    To maintain the reliability customers have come to know and trust, EWEB must address an aging infrastructure bubble.

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  • State of Utility Address 2023

    EWEB General Manager Frank Lawson delivered his annual State of the Utility Address at the March 7 public Board of Commissioners meeting.

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  • EWEB offering $50,000 community Greenpower renewable energy grant

    Greenpower Grants, a program funded by voluntary Greenpower customer subscriptions is currently accepting applications. The grant will fund a high-impact project that increase the use of renewable energy sources, the adoption of emerging technologies, clean energy education and reduce or offset our community's carbon footprint.

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  • Deconstruction begins on Currin Substation near Garden Way and 105

    For the past year, EWEB’s electric division has been preparing for a complete reconstruction of the Currin substation. Quite simply, it’s reached the end of its useful life.

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Thank You Energy Share Donors!

July 27, 2020

Hands holding out a tiny, knitted red heart

With the help of generous customers and community partners, EWEB's Energy Share program helps customers who are struggling to pay their utility bills and who may be at risk of disconnection of services.

We would like to send a super shout-out to our latest donor, River Road Water District for their generous contribution of $4,311.

The River Road Water District (RRWD) contracts with EWEB to provide water service to the unincorporated areas of the River Road area south of the Beltline. RRWD purchases water from EWEB and sells it to customers in their jurisdiction, while EWEB provides billing and water system maintenance duties for the district. Recently the RRWD board voted to make a contribution to Energy Share based on the estimated support District water customers receive through EWEB's bill assistance programs.

EWEB offers $260 in bill assistance annually to income-qualifying customers, and in response to the COVID-19, the program was expanded to cover customers who experience job loss as a result of the pandemic. Customer donations to Energy Share have greatly expanded the amount of support EWEB is able to provide in this time of extreme financial need.

Others are stepping up to help as well.

Last month local business Pasta Plus donated $700 in solar credits from their PV system to EWEB's Energy Share program.

If you have been thinking about ways you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic, a donation to Energy Share will help keep the lights on for families in need. Make a one-time donation or pledge a recurring amount at