Powered by People Like James 12/03/2019

"Six years, one month and nine days," replies James when asked how long he has been working at EWEB. "I just happen to remember my hire date."

Of course he does. A part of the EWEB admin team, James has a knack for knowing stuff just when it needs knowing, and for being there just when you need him.  

He started his time with EWEB after returning from Kentucky where he had been working at a crane manufacturing company. His first position with the utility was as a customer service analyst in the call center, followed by a few years in credit and collections and most recently an administrative assistant with the Customer Solutions department.  

"It's rewarding to do what we do, providing critical services to the community," says James. "I work behind the scenes doing stuff most customers will never see, but it feels good to know I play a small part in all of it."  

In his role, James supports a number of staff including the utility's communications team. During the March 2019 snowstorm James' "behind-the-scenes" support was crucial.  

During widespread outages, EWEB initiates an emergency response protocol, part of which is a public information office (PIO) to keep customers informed of the situation. With one communications staff member out of state on vacation and another snowed-in at her rural home, the staffing for the PIO was stretched thin.  

James stepped in responding to customer inquiries on social media, tracking down information and updates and doing what he does best-contributing to the success of a team.  

Days into the outage response, with staff growing weary from working long hours and the stress of the situation visible on faces, James was wearing a smile and lightening the mood of any room he entered.  

Whether it's day-to-day operations or an above-and-beyond situation, we are glad James has our back, behind the scenes or otherwise.  

Thank you James, for your role in providing customers with vital services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.