A person's hand holding an EV charger and about to plug-in
Is Level 1 Charging Fast Enough for You? 11/07/2019

Most electric vehicles owners will charge their cars at home using a Level 1 or Level 2 charger.

Level 1 home charging is super easy and the least expensive way to fuel an electric vehicle. It uses a standard, three-prong 120-volt outlet and typically won't require modifications to your electrical panel or home wiring.  All electric vehicles come with a 110-volt-compatible, Level 1 home connector kit.

Based on the vehicle's battery type, Level 1 charging can take 8 to 20 hours for a full charge.

Is that fast enough for you? The answer mostly depends on the distance you drive.

If you typically drive no more than 30-40 miles per day, Level 1 may be sufficient. That's because you can charge while you sleep. You simply plug-in (or program your car) to start charging at bedtime, and by the time you rise and shine, your battery is fully re-charged.

It all happens while you sleep, so it doesn't matter if takes 8 minutes or 8 hours.

If you typically drive more than 40 miles per day, you may want to consider a Level 2 charger, which uses a 240-volt rated charging unit and will likely require changes to your electrical panel and adding a new circuit, if one is not available. Based on the battery type and circuit capacity, Level 2 charging can take 3 to 8 hours to reach a full charge.

EWEB offers a $500 rebate for Level 2 home chargers and $1,000 for Level 2 charging stations at business

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