Screenshot of power outage map
Check out our power outage map 12/07/2018

In our ongoing efforts to make more information available to customers, we want to share a new tool: the power outage map.

The map, accessible at, provides the general location of a power outage within EWEB's service area, along with various details that will emerge as field technicians investigate the cause and determine repair strategies.

As the repair crews gather and report details from the field, a pop-up window associated with the outage location will be populated with additional information as it becomes available, including how many customers are affected, the estimated restoration time and the general cause.

While we have been nationally recognized for the high level of reliability of our electric system, the outage map provides the basic self-service information customers want when outages do occur. The map automatically refreshes every 10 minutes and information will updated as restoration progresses, so please check the map occasionally for the latest updates.

The map includes a "zoom" feature that allows users to dive deep into specific neighborhoods and/or their own streets. However, in order to preserve customer privacy, the map will not identify specific addresses, and instead will show the general location of the outage.

We recommend bookmarking the outage map on your mobile device so it can be pulled up quickly during a service interruption.  

Two ways to report an outage

If your lights go out, the first thing to check is your circuit breaker box for tripped circuits or blown fuses. If there are no tripped breakers, do not assume that EWEB knows about the outage, and please contact us. There are two convenient methods to report an outage:  

  • Phone: Call EWEB's automated outage reporting line at 1-844-484-2300. The automated system will ask you to input the 10-digit phone number associated with your billing address. If you do not complete the prompts tied to the automated system, your outage will not be recorded. 

  • Mobile phone texting: Simply text the word OUT to TXEWEB (893932). If you are texting from a mobile phone that EWEB does not recognize, an additional prompt will appear to confirm a phone number associated with your EWEB account.

In order for your outage to be recorded and put on a restoration plan, you must report the outage using one of the methods above.

For faster outage reporting, restoration and status updates, make sure your current cell phone is tied to your EWEB account. This helps avoid extra steps during an outage. To update your account, Call Customer Service at 541-685-7000, or email