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  • EWEB Hosts Dinner to Appreciate Customers of the McKenzie River Valley

    EWEB hosted a customer appreciation dinner at the Walterville Community Center on Thursday, May 23, in place of its yearly upriver Board meeting. The event allowed customers, EWEB Commissioners, and staff to share a meal and openly discuss topics most relevant to the McKenzie Valley community.

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  • EWEB bids a fond farewell to College Hill Reservoir and prepares for modern drinking water storage tanks

    Several hundred Eugene residents came together on May 30 for a Farewell Celebration at EWEB’s College Hill Reservoir before demolition and construction to build modern drinking water storage tanks begins later this year.

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  • EWEB invests in satellite-based forestry analytics for vegetation management

    EWEB maintains over 1,300 miles of overhead transmission and distribution lines. To aid crews in identifying hazardous vegetation growth in a sometimes heavily forested service territory, EWEB is utilizing a new satellite-based forestry analytics software called Overstory.

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  • Tips to stay cool while saving money this summer

    June is quickly approaching, and that means summer weather is just around the corner. Before you turn up the air conditioning and see an increase in your utility bill, try these tips to prepare your home for warmer weather to keep your home cool.

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  • EWEB offering additional energy efficiency supplement to qualified customers

    Current EWEB residential electric customers may qualify to double their energy efficiency rebates with a limited time supplement.

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EWEB Recognized with Excellence in Communications Awards from American Public Power Association

November 30, 2023 Jen Connors, EWEB Communications

APPA Award Badge

We are proud to have been recognized with two Excellence in Public Power Communications Awards for 2023 from the American Public Power Association (APPA).

EWEB received top honors in the categories of Video for our “Value of Electricity” video and Web/Social Media for communications related to planning the future of the Leaburg Hydroelectric Project. 

“Utility issues can be complicated and sometimes a bit thorny, but each of us on the EWEB Communications Team believes that customers should be, and want to be, knowledgeable about the reliability, safety, cost, and sustainability of their power and water,” said Jen Connors, EWEB’s Communications Supervisor. “We’re thrilled to be recognized on a national level and proud to share EWEB’s story.” 

Video Award of Excellence: Value of Electricity

For the EWEB Communications Team, our goals go beyond informing customers about bill and rate changes. We are focused on value, from source to switch and source to tap. Our video series “The Value of Electricity” encourages viewers to think differently about how much we all rely on electricity every day, and what customers get for their dollars. 

To create the videos, the Communications Team put out a "casting call" asking EWEBers to play the part of a family of customers, then filmed our actors performing daily activities such as turning on lights, adjusting the thermostat, cooking, running laundry, and watching TV. An on-screen counter tracks the cost to power all these devices throughout the day. How much does the average customer spend to power their entire home for a whole day? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Watch the award-winning video:

Web/Social Media Award of Excellence: Future of Leaburg Hydroelectric Project

After several years of investigating safety concerns on the Leaburg Canal, EWEB embarked on an extensive public outreach campaign to inform customers of the issues, understand community perspectives, and assess the social impacts of restoring or decommissioning the Leaburg Hydroelectric Project.

A 24-minute video called “Determining the Future of the Leaburg Canal” was a key part of the community outreach campaign. The video takes viewers on a tour of the Leaburg Project to understand how it operates, the structural issues it’s having, and how much it would cost to fix it. It also explains alternatives under consideration and demonstrates EWEB’s detailed consideration of the social, environmental, and economic impacts of each option. 

The video formed the basis for a social media campaign, and over the course of the project, key updates and board discussions were posted on a comprehensive project website. Some people even referenced the video and website in social media comments, helping to get the word out about this important project.

Watch the award-winning video:


General Manager Frank Lawson said he is proud EWEB received these prestigious awards from the APPA.

“EWEB customers rely on us not just for essential services, but also for clear, factual, and transparent information about those services. After all, water and electricity are literally vital for life,” said Frank. “These award-winning materials are just a few examples of the skillful and creative work of our Communications Team on behalf of EWEB and our customers.” 

Sixty-seven public power electric utilities and utility organizations from across the nation earned Excellence in Public Power Communications Awards from the APPA. The awards were presented earlier this month at APPA’s Customer Connections Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The annual awards recognize excellence in communications. The entries are judged in three categories: print and digital, web and social media, and video. Awards were given to those who showed ingenuity and creativity in telling their stories through outstanding copy, design, financial data presentation, graphics, social media engagement, video editing, and web layout and interactivity.