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Loans & Grants For Water Service Line Replacement

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Questions about how to save water every day? Please send us an email  or call 541-685-7088.

We might be able to help you with the unexpected expense of a catastrophic leak. Funds are limited, so loans and grants are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Service Line Replacement Loan

When the water service line from the EWEB meter to your home bursts, it flows non-stop until fixed. We want to help you stop the gush of water from a broken service line as soon as possible. We offer up to a $5,000 zero-interest loan for water service line installations. New Construction or replacement of old water service lines may qualify. You must be a residential property owner and be receiving water services from us to participate.

  • Residential Customers: up to a $5,000 zero-percent interest loan
    Loan terms: Under $5K is 48 month term and $5K and over is 60 month term.
  • EWEB requires ALL homeowners be loan applicants.  Missing home owner applications will delay your loan application process.

Limited income Customers: up to a $5,000 grant

Commercial Customers: four-percent interest loan

Step One:

Apply online here.  Once we receive and process your application we will send you a confirmation email.  To apply for the loan, check the "Interested in a Loan" box in the application and you will be guided through the required fields. 

  • If you prefer to mail in paper applications, you can print the required program application here and the required loan application here. Paper applications can be dropped off or mailed to:

EWEB Customer Solutions
4200 Roosevelt Blvd
Eugene, OR 97402

Applications can be emailed to

Step Two:

An Account Manager will reach out to you directly to discuss your project.  Start collecting estimates for the work.  

  • Check out additional information about our residential service line replacement loan and to view a list of eligible contractors. 
  • EWEB recommends but does not require that home owners acquire multiple bids.
Income-eligible Leak Repair Assistance

We understand that fixing failed plumbing can be a challenge if you have a limited income. You must be a residential property owner in our water service area to qualify, and income eligibility is required. Please see income guidelines here

Step One:

Call the Customer Solutions' Water Management Specialist at 541-685-7441 to discuss the leak and situation. 

Step Two:

Apply online here.  Once we receive and process your application, we will send you a confirmation email.  

  • If you prefer to mail in a paper application, you can print one here. Paper applications can be dropped off or emailed to:

EWEB Customer Solutions
4200 Roosevelt Blvd
Eugene, OR 97402

Applications can be emailed to

Step Three:

 You will be contacted with a decision.  Do not do any work until you have been provided an approval from EWEB.  Do start collecting estimates for the work. 

Did you fix a leak and need an adjustment on your bill?

Once your leak is repaired, you may qualify for a bill adjustment to your water and/or wastewater charges. Customers who resolve leaks in a timely manner are allowed one (1) leak adjustment on water charges every 3 years. Consider whether the bill increase resulting from your leak is worth using your available adjustment.

  • Leaks must have been repaired within 60 days of receiving your first continuous consumption notice. 
  • Proof of repair is required for consideration to receive a water leak bill adjustment. If no physical repairs are made, credits will not be issued. For example: a toilet leak involving the fill valve would only qualify for a credit if the valve is replaced, but not for adjusting the fill level. Examples of proof of repair may include contractor invoice, materials receipts, or photographic evidence.

Water Leak Adjustment - Leak Type and Qualification

May qualify with proof of repair Does not qualify
Running toilet Pool or spa filling
Water main leak Home/business improvement projects
Leaking faucet Irrigation/agriculture
Water heater failure Water left running (sink, hose)
Sprinkler timer failure Additional people in the home
Sprinklers being used
True-ups from estimates
New lawn installation
Soaker hoses left on
Outdoor water feature failure

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