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Electric Service Upgrade Assistance Program


Email our energy experts at or call 541-685-7088 for more information and to get started.
For all loan specific questions, email or call 541-685-7318.

Need new electrical service, an upgrade, or repair?

EWEB has a program for customers who need financial assistance with a service or upgrade. If you qualify, you may be eligible for the following:

Residential customers: up to a $20,000 zero-percent interest loan

  • Loan terms: Under $5K is 48 month term and $5K and over is 60 month term.
  • EWEB requires ALL homeowners be loan applicants.  Missing home owner applications will delay your loan application process.

Limited Income customers: up to a $5000 grant

Commercial customers: four-percent interest loan

Examples for residential and commercial customers include:

  • Replacement of main electrical panel or meterbase due to load growth or failure.
  • Weatherhead damage
  • Service entrance conductor or drip loop damage
  • Riser or electric mast damage
  • Replacement of underground service lateral conductors that do not meet current specifications.
  • New services that require EWEB infrastructure to be installed or modified.

Program eligibility

  • Land or homeowners who are EWEB electric customers.
  • Applicant must be the homeonwer. We require the homeowner's signature on the residential program application.  
  • Loan approval is based on your EWEB credit history and credit report.  Loan amounts may vary based on approval credit.
  • The program requires a licensed, insured and bonded electrician to do the work.
  • The installation must be permitted, inspected and approved in compliance with the National Electric Code along with local, county and state requirements. 
  • Income Qualification for Residential Grants

Get started

Step One:

Apply online here.  Once we receive and process your application, we will send you a confirmation email.  To apply for the loan, check the "Interested in a Loan" box in the application and you will be guided through the required fields. To apply for the grant, check the "Do you qualify for the limited income?" box with 'Yes' to request income verification for grant assistance. 

  • If you prefer to mail in paper applications, you can print the required program application here and the required loan application here. Paper applications can be mailed to:

EWEB Customer Solutions
4200 Roosevelt Blvd
Eugene, OR 97402

Applications can be emailed to