Payment Processing Incident: Information for Affected Customers 09/07/2021

We are aware of a vendor issue affecting payments that were made between Thursday evening 8/26/21 and Sunday 8/29/21.

The following information was emailed to affected customers on 9/7/21.


Due to a vendor error, some recent EWEB bill payments may have resulted in erroneous charges.

The vendor reversed the charges on Sept. 1, and a credit will be posted to the bank accounts or credit cards that affected customers used to pay their EWEB bill. It make take a couple of days for banks or credit cards to recognize the reversal.

On Sept. 8, the vendor will reprocess the correct payments to EWEB.

The erroneous charges resulted from a data processing error. It is important to note that there is NO evidence to suggest any personal customer data was compromised.

If you were affected by this error, you do not need to take any action, other than monitor your accounts for the activities outlined above.

Affected customers will likely see several transactions related to this incident on the bank account or credit card used to pay your EWEB bill, including: 

  • Erroneous payment(s) to EWEB between 8/26 and 8/29
  • Reversal of payments made to EWEB in the form of a credit
  • Reprocessing of the correct EWEB payment on 9/8

If you happened to resubmit your EWEB payment ahead of the 9/8 reprocessing, we will automatically reverse the duplicate payment.


We are determined to ensure the vendor achieves a full and prompt resolution to the error with your payment without any action on your part.

However, if you need assistance related to this issue, please contact us during normal business hours (9 a.m - 6:30 p.m.). We have set up a special "concierge" phone line to assist you. To reach the concierge service, call our Customer Service line 541-685-7000, press 3 for customer service, then press 1.

Please note: We are doing our best to assist impacted customers with the caring, helpful service you deserve. However, we are experiencing long on-hold times during certain times of the day. 


We want to assure you that we are very seriously concerned with this issue, and sympathetic to all of the challenges it presents. Although the problem occurred with the vendor, we are committed to doing our part to make it right. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding.