We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our outage reporting system.

Our team is actively working to fix the issue. If you are experiencing a power outage, please check our Outage Map to see if it has already been reported. To report a power outage that does not appear on the map, please call 541-685-7000, select option 2 and follow the prompts.

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EWEB’s Switch to Telework Brings Many Benefits 03/17/2021

More than 265 EWEB workers have reduced their car travel while enhancing the safety and resiliency of our community by working from home.

Like many other organizations, EWEB was forced into new working conditions in March 2020. Throughout the health crisis, school closures, wildfire and other disruptions, our staff continued to perform vital work such as responding to emergency outages, operating the 24x7 water filtration plant, and supporting an unprecedented volume of bill assistance requests.

In mid-2020, we began a gradual and responsible return to our facilities, but many staff members who have non-field or facility-based jobs have continued to work from home under temporary teleworking agreements, resulting in a mixed facility-based and remote workforce.

Recently, EWEB's executive team announced a commitment to long-term organizational mobility and telecommuting.

"EWEB's fundamental services are foundational to the health and prosperity of our customer-owners," said General Manager Frank Lawson. "Continuity of service at the quality levels expected requires the organization to be resilient, which is enhanced by creating and sustaining flexibility of infrastructure and systems, finances, and workforce and workplace."

A formal program will be launched this year that will allow employees to telework and telecommute where opportunities exist. While telecommuting may not be suitable for all positions, workforce mobility and approaching work in different ways may eventually impact field workers.

"Our experience has shown there is great potential in continuing with an expanded telecommuting program, including reducing car travel and increasing flexibility and resiliency of our workforce," said Frank Lawson. "Long term we hope to evaluate all positions for teleworking eligibility so that we are ready to respond quickly and meet our community's need for electricity and water on-demand, all the time regardless of what future emergencies may arise."