Picture of man in a bucket truck with a chainsaw pruning a tree
EWEB Earns Tree Line USA Recognition for 11 Years Running 04/13/2017

Tree Line USA is a national program recognizing public and private utilities for practices that protect and enhance America's urban forests. A collaboration of the Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters, Tree Line USA recognizes the dual goals of promoting safe and reliable electricity while maintaining healthy community trees.

"EWEB's commitment to proper tree-care practice benefits your customers in numerous ways, including providing cleaner air and water, increasing property values and improving quality of­ life," said Dan Lambe, President of the Arbor Day Foundation.  "Trees also conserve energy and reduce peak demand, a crucial benefit to customers and providers alike."  

To achieve Tree Line USA status, utilities must follow industry standards for quality tree care, provide annual worker training in best tree care practices, sponsor a tree planting and public education program, maintain a tree-­based energy conservation program, and participate in an Arbor Day celebration.

EWEB employs four full-time, certified arborists to inspect and evaluate vegetation around power lines, determine required maintenance activities, and communicate with customers about tree trimming activities. Eleven contract crews perform all pruning and trimming work.

Crews trim around 300 line miles of vegetation annually to minimize falling trees and branches. In 2016, EWEB planted 115 new trees through our partnership with Friends of Trees and volunteer events.  

Join us for a volunteer planting party and tree give-away   

EWEB is sponsoring a Friends of Trees planting on Saturday, April 29. We will be giving away power line friendly trees from 7-9 a.m. Learn more and register for the volunteer event.