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Please send us an email or give us a call at 541-685-7088.

Thank you for helping to weatherize homes in our community. 

The following resources should give you everything you need to successfully help our customers weatherize their homes. 

The following documentation is required for processing payment through our weatherization program: 

  • Weatherization project completion form
  • Copy of a contractor's invoice to the customer, describing work completed, order/purchase date and installed cost
  • Verification of performance (example). For windows, include either the NFRC window sticker or the manufacturer's order confirmation. If a window does not have an NFRC rating (for example, insulated glass units or IGUs), the cost of the unverified window may be included in a loan (upon approved credit) if it is a part of an installation of eligible windows. For doors, include a copy of the ENERGY STAR® product list showing the product, or product information showing it meets ENERGY STAR specifications
  • Contractor Invoice Summary, Exhibit F (Note: This is only required if a contractor's invoice is missing critical information, including pre-condition R-value and final R-value (for insulation jobs), original window types (for window jobs) and square footage of insulation and/or windows).
  • Knob and Tube Wiring Inspection Report (Note: This is only required for insulation jobs where knob and tube wiring is present.)

Additional information:

  • Attic and wall insulation jobs require in-progress verifications on the day of the install.
  • We require three working days' notice for an in-progress verification. Please provide additional notice, if possible.
  • If one of our EWEB project managers is unavailable for the inspection, another inspector can fill in if you provide us with advance notice.
  • If an in-progress inspection is not able to be performed, photos must be provided confirming that the work satisfies the applicable items in the weatherization installation checklists.
  • Prescriptive air sealing can only be done in combination with an existing attic or crawlspace insulation project and must follow the requirements of the weatherization specifications and checklist.
  • We allow skylight upgrades as part of the weatherization program if the skylights meet the same program requirements as other windows.