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Commissioners Elect Officers, Liaisons

January 13, 2022

EWEB President John Brown

EWEB’s five commissioners earlier this month voted to elect John Brown as president of the Board and Sonya Carlson as vice president.

President Brown, first elected to the Board in 2007, represents Wards 4 and 5.

Vice President Carlson joined the Board in 2017, and represents Wards 6 and 7.

The Board also made a series of liaison appointments for the New Year to help coordinate EWEB policy work with other public agencies. Below are the commissioner liaison appointments for 2022:

  • Commissioner John Barofsky, McKenzie Watershed Council
  • Commissioner Carlson, Lane Council of Governments
  • Commissioner Matt McRae, Springfield Utility Board
  • Commissioner Mindy Schlossberg, Lane Electric Cooperative
  • Commissioners John Brown and Sonya Carlson, City of Eugene

Commissioners were also appointed to internal EWEB liaison assignments:

  • John Brown, Other Post Employment Benefits
  • John Brown and Sonya Carlson, EWEB Riverfront Property Project Team
  • Mindy Schlossberg and John Barofsky, EWEB Riverfront Property Evaluation Team

Taking effect this year are new ward boundaries that impact all elected city officials, including EWEB commissioners. The city’s charter requires officials to evaluate and update council wards at least once every 10 years, coinciding with the decennial U.S. Census, to make sure population between the eight regions is roughly even. 

City staff drew the new boundaries to make population between wards as even as possible, grouping wards that had gained more and less population and moving areas between them. 

Evenly dividing the city population after the Census among the eight wards would result in wards of 22,083 residents. As part of the new boundaries, all wards are within 1% of that target. 

The map makes small shifts between wards, moving:

  • A strip of properties along High Street between Seventh Avenue and 18th Avenue from Ward 3 to Ward 1
  • Part of the Amazon Neighborhood from Ward 3 to Ward 2
  • A section of northeast Eugene bound by Crescent Avenue, Coburg Road, Chuckanut Street and Park View Drive from Ward 5 to Ward 4
  • Two parts of Bethel Neighborhood from Ward 7 — part to Ward 6 and another to Ward 8

There's a detailed map of the changes available at