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Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Program

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Rebates over $2,500 require pre-approval by EWEB before installation. Prior to granting approval, we must receive your rebate application. For more information, please email us at or call 541-685-7088.

We promote energy efficiency by offering you a streamlined and cost-effective way to replace your business's existing refrigeration equipment with energy-efficient products.

Our program supports the following energy-efficient equipment:

In the following, "freezer" includes evaporator temperatures below 0°F, and "cooler" includes evaporator temperatures between 1°F and 35°F.

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New construction & custom projects
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Custom incentives

Have an energy efficiency idea that doesn't fit into our existing programs and/or want to reduce your carbon footprint? We offer incentives for custom projects. Contact us to start the conversation.

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Current rebates

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Current rebates

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