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How to Save Energy at Your Business Every Day

Saving energy in the workplace doesn't require a major investment in money or time. You'll see significant savings on your business's power bill when you and your employees make simple changes. 

Programmable thermostat on an office wall.
  • If you are the last one out, turn out general area lights.
  • If you get to work early or work after regular hours, only use the lights you need.  
  • Many areas are over lit. Use multi-switching to turn off part of the lights if possible.  
  • If you walk by an empty room with the lights on, turn them off.
  • Turn off desk lights or other task lights when not needed.  
  • Lights by windows can often be turned off during the day.

Heating and cooling
  • During business hours, set thermostats at 68-70°F for heating and 74-76°F for cooling.
  • For after hours, adjust your thermostat to 55-60°F for heating and 80°F for cooling.
  • Wear layers of clothing so you can adjust to stay comfortable.

  • Turn off your computer monitor when you'll be away from your computer for more than 15 minutes.
  • When you leave for the day, log out and turn off your computer at the power switch.

Heaters, equipment and appliances
  • Always turn off portable electric heaters at night, at lunch and on weekends.
  • Be sure to turn off coffee pots, radios or other equipment. Ÿ At the close of business, assign someone to turn off all copiers and printers.

Doors and windows
  • Keep doors and windows closed when its warm or cold outside and heating or cooling is needed.
  • Use window blinds. Direct sunlight can overheat spaces, making the air-conditioner work harder. Close or tilt blinds to block direct sunlight. Close blinds at night in winter to reduce heat loss.