A “boil-water advisory” is a precautionary notice issued by a public drinking water system or by health authorities to consumers when a community’s drinking water is or could be contaminated by disease-causing organisms. It is a preventive measure that is intended to protect the health of water consumers when there is an actual or significant possibility that contamination may be present within the drinking water system.

In 2021, EWEB issued three boil-water advisories due to loss of water pressure in the distribution pipes. The loss of water pressure can result in the backflow or infiltration of unclean water into EWEB’s water pipes, posing a potential risk to the health of our customers.

Date Location Customers Affected
1/7/2021 Willamette 975 Pressure Zone 51
4/28/2021 Inglewood Ave. 10
6/4/2021 Saddle Place 4

In each case, the system was repaired and water pressure restored within a few hours. EWEB then collected water samples to test for the presence of bacteria. Results from these tests were available after 18 hours, and in all cases EWEB was able to notify the affected customers that the water was safe for consumption. The health of the community is our top priority and EWEB will continue to follow best management practices to reduce the risk of contamination entering the water system.

EWEB will leave a door hanger advising customers to boil their water as a precaution against any possible contamination as required by the Oregon Health Authority.

Once EWEB determines that there are no issues with the water, EWEB will leave a door hanger communicating water is safe to use and consume.