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Commercial Backflow Assembly Testing

Please note, this process is for COMMERCIAL Backflow Testing only. For residential customers, please call a state-certified backflow prevention testing contractor.

The state of Oregon and EWEB require the installation and annual testing of all backflow assemblies to protect the public water supply from contamination. See Oregon Administrative Rule 333-061-0070 for more information.

We are happy to help facilitate this annual test for you. Please fill out the form and submit the agreement, we will take it from there. Any fees incurred will be added to your EWEB bill.


  • Commercial tests are charged at the tester's rate
  • Repairs, if necessary*

*Repairs are separate from assembly testing charges. The contractor will notify you if any repairs are needed. At that time, you may contract with the testing contractor to complete all necessary repairs, or you may contact another contractor of your choice. The contractor repairing your assembly will bill you directly (repairs costs will not appear on your EWEB bill). All repairs must be completed within 10 working days of the failed test.