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Power Line Friendly Trees

You can help reduce the risk of trees and branches coming into contact with power lines and causing power outages. If you plant a tree near or under power lines, choose from the list below. We consider these trees "power line friendly" as they grow no higher than 25 feet and seldom need pruning for power line clearance.

Close up of pink blossoms.
Power line friendly trees
  • Beech, weeping purple
  • Canada Red Chokecherry 
  • Cherry, flowering 
  • Columnar Spruce 
  • Dogwood 
  • Dwarf Plum
  • Galaxy Magnolia 
  • Globe Maple 
  • Golden Desert Ash 
  • Goldenchain Tree 
  • Halesia 
  • Hinoki Cypress  
  • Japanese Maple
  • Japanese Snowball 
  • Lilac 
  • Photinia 
  • Redbud 
  • Rhododendron 
  • Royal Galaxy Magnolia 
  • Smoke Tree, purple 
  • Snowball Bush 
  • Stewartia 
  • Weeping Hornbeam 
  • Weeping Spruce