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Partial Power and Flickering Lights

Partial power or 'brown outs'

If the lights in your home suddenly get really bright in part of the house and dim in another part, or your lights work in one part of the home and not another, you might be experiencing partial power.  If you have power in part of your house, first check to be sure you don't have a tripped breaker.

If your power does not come back on after resetting your breakers, you should turn off your main breaker and call us at 1-844-484-2300. Press 'one' to report a new outage and then press 'three' to report your partial outage. Follow the remaining prompts. 

Flickering or blinking lights

Don't confuse flickering or blinking lights with partial power. Flickering lights is a complete, momentary power outage, sometimes just for a second or two. Your lights may also flicker a few times before you lose power entirely.

Generally, flickering lights occur when there is a fault in our electrical system, such as a tree or branch contacting a power line. This is actually our system working as it is supposed to. Our system automatically shuts off electricity to isolate the problem, preventing damage which could result in a longer outage and affect many more customers.

If you lose power completely, please report your outage by calling 1-844-484-2300 or text 'out' to TXEWEB (893932).