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Protect Your Electronic Equipment

Most of us have many electronic devices in our homes and businesses. These devices - everything from microwaves to computers - can be damaged by momentary high voltage, commonly called a surge or a spike. Fortunately, protecting your equipment is as simple as choosing a quality surge protector.

Hand holding a remove pointed at a television.
What you should protect

Any equipment that contains electronic circuits is susceptible to damage. Electronic circuits are found in computers, printers, TVs, stereos and microwave ovens. 

If equipment is expensive, hard to replace, or if it contains critical data, you should protect it. Damage from multiple surges over a period of time may not become apparent until the equipment is inoperable. 

Best way to protect your electronics

Surge protectors are the best way to protect your electronics from surges. The minimum level of protection for valued or expensive electronic equipment is a plug-in surge protector.

For business-critical or a higher level of home protection, a layered approach is recommended, in which you use a surge protector at the electric service entrance, as well as a plug-in surge protector. Service entrance surge protectors are designed to be the first level of defense and will not stop surges created within your home or business. Plug-in surge protectors reduce the surge voltage to your protected equipment to safer levels.