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Greenpower Grant Program


Feel free to send an email or call us at 541-685-7676.

EWEB developed the Greenpower Grant Program in 2008. Grant funding comes from voluntary Greenpower customer subscriptions. Since the program began thousands of customers have chosen to support clean, renewable energy by enrolling in EWEB Greenpower. 

The Greenpower Grant is offered every other year. The last grant was awarded to Friends of Trees in 2023, and the next will be offered in the spring of 2025. 

In addition to buying renewable energy and funding the Greenpower Grant, Greenpower subscriptions fund EWEB's solar electric program and K-12 education and events relating to renewable energy and carbon emissions. 

Friends of Trees awarded the 2023 Greenpower Grant!

Friends of Trees was awarded the 2023 Greenpower Grant!

Several hundred Greenpower subscribers participated in the voting process this year, with Friends of Trees receiving 25% of the votes. Greenhill Humane Society came in 2nd with 20 percent, and McKenzie Fire & Rescue and The Village School tied for third with 17 percent each. Seven proposals were received overall during the application process. 

Voting on the Greenpower Grant was open to all Greenpower subscribers. 

This is the 3rd award for Friends of Trees, which won the grant in 2018 to fund a large-scale volunteer tree planting event in west Eugene and again in 2021 to fund another tree planting effort with a focus on urban areas and communities historically excluded from the benefits of green space. The new grant will fund the expansion of their Neighborhood Tree program to all areas on Eugene with low tree equity scores. Friends of Trees use shade equity tools, such as ArcGIS, American Forests tree equity map, Tree Plotter and other, to prioritize outreach and communication to areas in the city where there is low canopy cover, low income and high racial diversity. You can read their full program proposal here.

If you'd like to get involved, you can also check out their events page.